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"Could lead to paid work in the future" is like the "Free Bird" of unpaid job postings. They feel obligated to throw it in there, even though they know nobody wants to hear it. Here are some suggestions for alternative carrots to dangle that have equally as much chance of happening in reality:

"Could lead to an all expense paid trip to the moon"

"Could lead to invincibility from all terminal diseases"

"Could lead to a passionate romance with the celebrity of your choosing"

"Could lead to the Treasure of the Knights Templar"

"Could lead to the ability to fly"





President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed a Second Bill of Rights in 1944. It was the right idea then and it’s the right idea NOW. #ThrowbackThursday

Click on the link to sign a petition with our brothers and sisters at Working America to keep the dream alive and make organizing a civil right:

These are basic human rights, and if you don’t agree with that, then we’re not friends, I do not really want to know you, and for fuck’s sake come down with the flu on election day.

I know there are a lot of people who DONT think these things are rights. That it is a privilege to be allowed to scrape to get by, or have a winter wind blowing through your house without water. Or if you have an accident, and can’t work and can’t pay your bills, you should just be toseed onto the street. Because they got theirs. They were good and righteouys and holy according to the gospel of prosperity, and you are a lazy sinner if a bad thing has happened to you.k



The number of people who think you “deserve” bankruptcy for daring to have a medical issue while uninsured is *staggering.* And they’ll insist that you don’t have health insurance because you’re lazy or cheap or being willfully negligent.

But never that it’s out of your price range or that the cost of an ER trip can ruin you.

I once let my COBRA lapse because it was crazy expensive, and I got the flu.

The trip to Urgent Care, the cost of Tamiflu, and a Ventolin inhaler? STILL CHEAPER THAN THAT MONTH’S COBRA PAYMENT.

I was not amused.







The Black Dragonfish(Idiacanthus atlanticus) of the Stomiidae family.

I love how this is like a creature from hell but it has like little pink cheeks 

deep sea anime blush stickers

fun fact those pink cheeks glow to attract unsuspecting prey

fashionable and functional with a dash of abject terror

My aesthetic.

Perhaps senpai will notice me SO I CAN CONSUME HIS FLESH

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